Skin Replenishing 修護
Skin Replenishing Cream (For Normal/Dry Skin) 深層修護面霜 、 Skin Replenishing Facial Lotion (For Oily Skin) 深層修護乳液
 脂質 ( Lipid)
 Ceramides
 脂肪酸
 修護皮膚組織,強化表皮的防禦能力
 減少皮膚乾燥、過敏及泛紅的現象
 不含香料,質地幼滑
 適合敏感性或乾性皮膚
 可配合激光或其他光學療程使用
 面霜適合中性及乾性皮膚,乳液適合較油性皮膚 


This reparative treatment helps restore the skin’s natural barrier. Skin Replenishing contains lipids, ceramides and fatty acids that compose the skin’s natural barrier function. It has been clinically proven that by replenishing this barrier, dryness, irritation and redness are significantly reduced. Skin Replenishing Cream and Lotion are both excellent for sensitive, irritated or dry skin types and post procedure patients. Both products are cosmetically elegant enough to be used day or night and are fragrance-free. The cream is recommended for the normal to dry skin types and the lotion for oilier skin types.